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About Me:

Hello, My name is Becca J. I have been running "M & J Costume Rentals" since January 1 2017. It was owned by my mother Mavis Forbes and her partner Joyce.  I helped them many times during Halloween for many years, and enjoyed it so much that when I was asked to take over my mothers half of the shop, I easily excepted. With the help of my husband and son we have enjoyed running the shop for over a year. 

I have made a lot of changes, but still trying to keep the fun and creative way that My mother and Joyce ran the shop, for so many years.

About the Shop:

The Shop is located in a big gray barn on Mt. View Drive in Corvallis, OR.

We specialize in Adult Costumes. We have costumes and formals to rent for many different occasions. If we don't have the costume you are 

looking for, we can see how we can put one together for you.

When you rent from us, you do not have to go out and buy additional items to complete your costume. We believe in renting a complete outfit including most accessories, shoes (If we have your size), at no extra cost.

We just ask, that the whole costume is returned in good condition.

We rent accessories too. Everything from Hats-necklaces. If you need to finish a costume that you are working on, we may have that accessory to finish it off. 

Hope to see you at OUR SHOP!