Couples Couples Morticia, Gomaz and cousin Itt Morticia (small-large) Included: Dress, wig, necklace, and shoes; Gomaz Addams (medium) Included: Shirt, Jacket, pants, tie, cigar, wig, mustache, and shoes; Cousin Itt (small - medium) Included: body hair, glasses, and hat 204428803 Roman Man & Women Women; Included: tunic, scarf, head piece, necklace, belt and shoes.; man; Tunic, belt & Head piece. (Shoes are only included if we have your size) 204431609 Tweety & Syvester Tweety- Included: Mask, body suit, gloves and foot covers.; Syvester- Mask and body Suit; 203888476 King William III and his wife, Queen Mary II.; Plus Size; King; Included: Crown, wig, Jewelry, neck piece, shirt, red shirt, pants, and socks.; Queen; Included: dress, belt, necklace, and head piece; *Your deposit will be returned when the costume is brought back in good condition. 204431610 Roman Woman & Man German Women; Size: Small- med. Included: Dress, wooden shoes, neck piece and head piece. (We have 3 wooden shoes that are different sizes.) German male; Size: Large; Included: Hat, shirt, suspenders, pants, and boots (if we have your size.) 204431630 Vampire Couple vampire women; Included: hat, skirt, top, gloves, bat necklace and tights. (You can add an cape with no additional cost); Vampire man - Included: hat, cape, shirt , vest, shirt, and pants.; * Your deposit will be returned to you when costume is returned in good condition. 204453780 Cruelly De Vil & Dalmatian Cruelly De vil; Included: dress, gloves, wig, necklace, cigarette holder, purse, hat and hand warmer. Dalmatian; Included: body suit, collar, ears, and leash. 204501257 Frankenstein's Monster and his bride. The bride- Small (we do have other wedding dresses sizes 12, 18, 26) Included- Wedding dress and wig. Monster- Included: mask, pants and shirt 204501258 Doctor & Nurse Nurse $40 rental without boots + $40 Deposit $50 rental with boots size 6-7 + $50 deposit Included: hat, dress, blood, tights, and red under Garment. Doctor $35 rental and $35 deposit Included: pants, shirt, mask and head cover. *Your deposit will be returned when the costume is brought back in good condition. 204504205 Cavepeople Cavewomen Included: Wig, head piece, fur tunic (not real fur), fur shoulder wrap, bone neck piece and fur leg piece.; Caveman; Included: fur tunic, wig, bones, club, head piece and fur shoulder wrap.; 204529110 Little red riding hood and the big bad wolf Little red riding hood; Small (we have med and large too); Included: dress, hood cape, necklace, basket w/food and neck piece.; Wolf: Included: mask, body suit, and hands. 204529111 Couple from Early 1900s Women- size: small-medium Included: dress, hat, slip, umbrella and necklace Man - size: pants 43w 29 length; tail coat: 48 R Included: tail coat, shirt, vest, pants, top hat, tie and cane. 204544413 Aliens Left one includes: shirt, tights, neck chain, belt and mask. Right one includes: one piece, belt, neckpiece and belt. *Your deposit will be returned when the costume is brought back in good condition. 204558681