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Cost of Rental

*The cost of the costume varies. You can call, text or email for estimate. 

Call: (541)753-8379

Email: Beccaj@mandjcostumes.com

Text: (541)376-2959

*Rental Cost Ranges from $35- $85 (most accessories included) Plus deposit.


We can save a credit card number, only charge you if the costume isn't returned or damage. I will not charge you unless, I inform your first with the amount. 

Deposit will be returned when all of the costume is returned in original condition. (Regular wear and tear is expected and won't incur extra charges)

*We are able to accept Credit/debit card now w/ a fee. 

Accessories Rental

*We rent accessories separately, for example hats, wigs, brooms, vest, wings and many other items.
*Here is how we price accessories: Top hats, mask, some wigs, petticoats, some women hats, leather Jackets/vest and furs is $25 plus $50 deposit each. 
*Most other accessories (for example jewelry, tights, some hats, shoes, head pieces and more) first 3 will be $25 rental plus $50 deposit. 
Any additional items will be $5 each and additional $5 deposit.

Of course if you have any questions please call me at 541-753-8379 or Email beccaj@mandjcostumes.com