M & J Costume Rentals


Cost of Rental

Rental Cost Ranges from $30 - $65 (most accessories included) 7 day rental from Nov.-Sept. 
Plus deposit.
Deposit starts at $50. Deposit will be returned when all of the costume is returned in original condition. (Regular wear and tear is expected and won't incur extra charges)

*Starting Feb. 13 we will be able to accept Credit/debit card. (no chip reader, hopefully soon.) 

Accessories Rental

*We rent accessories separately, for example hats, wigs, brooms, vest, wings and many other items.
Here is how we price accessories: Top hats, mask, some wigs, petticoats, some women hats, leather Jackets/vest and furs is $25 plus $50 deposit each. 
*Most other accessories (for example jewelry, tights, some hats, shoes, head pieces and more) first 3 will be $25 rental plus $50 deposit. 
Any additional items will be $5 each and additional $5 deposit.

Of course if you have any questions please call me at 541-753-8379 or Email [email protected]


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